James Tenniswood

User Experience Designer

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eBay Interests

We began by running pilots in specific interest areas, and linking those interest in the new mobile app framework. The content is user created, managed by experts within each field, and include inline onboarding, so you are able to define your interests within a subject and level of expertise.

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eBay Shopping Intents

Shopping on eBay involves quite a bit more searching that other commerce services, due in part to the vast size of the marketplace, the variability of the item condition and the diversity of the sellers available.

We observed that with users spanning multiple platforms during the length of each shopping mission, continuation from where they left was much harder than it needed to be.

The approach we took was to evolve a combination of the recently viewed items list, recent searches and our rich merchandise services. We asked the search science team to work to cluster groups of items around common groups, in order to make the options more approachable.

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eBay Product Experience

The redesigned product page experience was led as a mobile first initiative, prioritise the right information for user, in a consumable portions, with the options to drill down and explore further.

The new experience shows the core details about the product (including extracted seller description for more friendly mobile experience), shipping, returns and trust information about the seller.

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eBay Search Refinement

On mobile we found the use of the refinement controls, in previous design, when hidden behind a single ‘refine’ button, led to frequent keyword requiring by the user, the process wasn’t as good or as quick as the site experience.

We went about introducing a search refinement carousel control, that ranked the top refinement for search query, in order to prompt the use of filtering and encourage the use of structured data (where the quality of items returned is far higher).

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Vogue Digital Identity

Vogue’s redesign aims were to deliver a clear navigation, to support driving users across the variety of content, refine the visual design to be as minimal as possible, reduce complexity and clutter, improve the readability of the content, allowing users to focus on the content rather than the site design.

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Best Buy Uk Experience

Responsible for the development of visual design for Best Buy launch in the UK. Supporting the development of concept marketing, online style guides and prototype user testing material.

Music Choice Product Identity

Developing the Music Choice brand and client services across digital television, mobile and broadband platforms worldwide. Lead concepts for new customers and platforms. Create and manage brand guides, marketing and advertising material. Develop campaign materials (print, online and broadcast) to support PR and marketing.